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4 Tactics to Get the Right Traffic to Your Business Website

Updated: May 8, 2020

You like the idea of driving more organic traffic to your website, generating new business, and finding new clients. But, will your efforts to get you on the first page of results bring you the right type of traffic? Let’s dive into the ideal ways to optimize your website to generate better returns for your business through what is called, SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is basically the many small modifications done to your website to make it easier for people to find you in organic search results. It’s about satisfying what search engines look for and your potential client’s user intent.

You must know what customers are searching for, the words they are using. Then, you can deliver this in a way that makes search engine crawlers find and better understand your site to get you on page 1.

Getting on the First Page of Results

One of my pet peeves - business owners saying they’re ok because when they Google their business, their website is the first to come up.

Now, I know that most business owners know that this can’t be the ultimate SEO tactic. After all, potential customers might not know your business name. They may not even know the solution they need to the problem they face.

So, how will you show up then? Here are my 4 tactics.

1. Better Keyword Search and Optimization

One of my pet peeves - business owners saying they’re ok because when they Google their business, their website is the first to come up.

Not necessarily. You could be there for unrelated words, phrases that no one in your target audience will be using to find your business.

So, put in the work for better keyword research and optimization.

2. Optimize for your competitors

Be accessible when potential customers are searching for your competitors. One way to do this by having a “compare us to our competitor” or “[competitor] alternative” page.

This is a tactic you’ll see social media and email marketing software use quite often.

It’s a simple way to boost search for their website. You can use the same tactic as long as you’re not deceptive in how you use it.

3. Be available for complementary products

Does your product or service complement another? Let website visitors know. Show how your offerings are complementary, and you’ll start to generate more interest and better organic traffic.

4. Show up for related topics

User intent is not always about finding a product or service. They may be researching how it works, why it matters, when to use it … you get the drift.So, use user intent and create content on related topics around those searches. The best way to do this? Create and maintain a business blog.

Ready to optimize your website?

It’s quite easy to gain page 1 ranking for keywords and terms that your customers aren’t searching for. Instead, you should optimize your site the right way. This will generate better organic traffic and bring in new business and new clients.

Want to know if you’re on the right track? Email me at for a free website evaluation.

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