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Not Yet Blogging? 3 Reasons Why Blogging Can Grow Your Business

Updated: May 8, 2020

Even with today’s high social media presence, blogging is still relevant for businesses.

So, while it’s good to have an optimized website, it’s important that you do more to attract customers to your site. And no, your product and service pages aren’t enough to attract your audience to your website. You need to give them more, add value.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or medium-sized business. You see the big players in your industry blogging. So why aren’t you? Here are the reasons why they do, and why you should too.

Here are 3 reasons why your business may need a blog

1. Help Your Audience Find You (Increase Website SEO)

Google rewards websites with fresh content with increased rankings. In fact, all search engines love fresh content. So, when you blog regularly, you’re increasing the chances of beating out your competitors in search engine results. Plus, it’s harder to rank for certain keywords if you don’t have a blog. This inbound marketing strategy ensures that your website shows up in search for relevant keywords.

2. Make Your Name Known Like Apple (Build Brand Awareness)

How aware are your potential customers of your brand? And why is this important? Companies with a high level of brand awareness generate more sales. So, look at the product or service you offer. How can you generate buzz and build market awareness? Static website pages will not build brand awareness. Social media posts can generate buzz but cannot be the sole tactic in building brand awareness. Instead, use your business blog to build out your brand.

Consistent blogging is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness.

Therefore, your blogging efforts will complement your other marketing tactics. Together, they’ll increase your brand awareness in the market. With blogging, you’ll be providing useful content that your target audience will want to gobble up. Plus, you can repurpose the content from your business blog for your social media marketing. Talk about multitasking.

3. Show the People that You’re Boss (Enhance Your Industry Credibility)

Well-written content published regularly can enhance your industry credibility. By posting on your product, service, or market, you’re showing that you know your industry. So, with the right blogging strategy, your audience will quickly understand how your product or service brings value to their lives.

Have an e-commerce business? Create a blog around your products, how people can use them, your customer's lifestyle, etc. Operate a B2B company instead? Become the industry hub by publishing high-authority articles on your blog.

As you publish in your industry, you begin to build the trust of your customers. You’re engaging them, developing better customer relationships. It gives them more reasons to return to your website. And that’s how you build a relationship with loyal, repeat customers.

Need help to build your small business blog?

It takes time for your business to reap the real rewards of blogging. And it takes time to write and publish these posts. But, you can outsource your blogging. Plus, blog templates really do make the process of publishing more content seamless.

So, if you want to enjoy the many benefits of having a business blog – send me a message at

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