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3 Essential Marketing Strategies to Bring Clients To Your Website

Updated: May 8, 2020

No, you can’t build your website and then expect traffic to turn up. It requires a bit of work to start the ball rolling and getting the type of traffic you need to grow your business. After all, you can have the most engaging website design. But if you don’t get the traffic, you won’t make the sale.

So, in this era where the online space seems so cluttered, how you can make your website stand out?

No worries. We’re going to dive into 3 proven ways that you can drive your traffic to your website.

1. Get Active of Social Media

You’ll see a lot of people building their business on social media platforms. But I’m sure you know by now that you should never build your business on land you don’t own. If Facebook or Instagram goes down tomorrow, so will many businesses.

But, that is not to say that social media isn’t useful for growing your business.

What you should be doing instead is to use those platforms to drive traffic to your website.

So, get active – and social – on these platforms where your audience is.

2. Use Email Marketing

This directly relates to your activities on social media.

Once you drive that social media traffic to your website, your next step is to capture their emails so you can keep them coming back to your site. Offer a freebie or a lead magnet that relates to your business in exchange for their email.

Then, once you have their emails, you can start sending traffic to your website. You can do this by notifying your email list when you have a new blog post. Or, if you’ve launched a new service, a new freebie – you get the drift.

But, don’t just turn up when you’re selling something. Keep them engaged, just like on social media.

If you haven’t done so as yet, ask your web developer to create an opt-in form and link to your email marketing tool of choice. Then start using email marketing to drive traffic to your website – and sales.

3. Advertisements

Yes, I know I’m telling you to go and pay for ads. But, once you’re in business, you have to spend on marketing. There’s a reason why companies like Pepsi, Coke, Nike, Apple still pay for ads even though they have significant brand recognition and a devoted following.

Your reach on social media and Google is only as far as the algorithms allow you and the following you’ve gained. With paid advertising, you can expand your reach even as you narrow it. I know this seems contradictory, but I’ll explain in a bit.

Paid advertising tools allow you to choose your audience. And this is important. You can narrow your reach to the people who are your ideal customers and searching for your services. All the paid tools at Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to customize your audience reach.

Then, you know you are driving the right type of traffic to your website. And when they get there, continue to grab those emails.

Now, over to you...

You’ve paid a professional to build that beautiful website of yours. So, it’s only fair that you put in the work so that your website can work as intended. You know how to drive traffic to your site. It’s time to make use of it and start growing your business.

But, if you feel that your website may need an upgrade before you implement these traffic suggestions, send me a message. I’d be happy to help you upgrade your site.

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