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You vs. A Designer for Your Business Website

Updated: May 8, 2020

Want to know the one thing that I find most in common with websites that I am hired to redo? Lack of detail.

Design detail is the number one thing my clients often overlook when they take a stab at designing their own website. From improperly sized and placed images to crooked layouts and choppy navigation.

Think about it, when a prospective client is researching the credibility of your business, they are looking for any hint of sketchiness, inconsistency, and imperfection before considering opening up their wallet to spend their hard-earned money on your product or service. The devil is in the details.

Your website is the marketing tool that works 24/7 for your business. It’s often the first impression a potential customer gets of your company, the doorway to you as a brand.

So, why does how your website look, feel, and operate matter? Simple.

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout are unattractive.

Now, knowing that statistic, take a look at your website and tell me – does it display well? Is it appealing? If not, we need to talk.

Good Web Design Matters

Why? Because good website design makes an impact. Your website can make your brand stand out from your competition. It can be a catalyst for more sales or clients.

What you should know, however, is that good design is not just about how a site looks. The pretty pictures and text aren’t the only important pieces. It’s also about the functionality and usability of the site. It includes how the pictures and text are displayed when those prospects click through to your part of the internet world.

So, your website must be designed with the following in mind:

Usability: Is it intuitive? Can your web visitors use the site without needing to think too hard?

Functionality: Does your site function as it should? Do sections load when required?

Are forms showing where and when they are supposed to?

Display: Does your website render properly across devices? Does it look the same on a Mac versus Microsoft? Does it work well on mobile – from Apple to Android?

Branding: Is your website design cohesive and on-brand? Or are you throwing a bunch of elements together and hoping that something sticks?

If any or all of these are not working for your website, then you’re losing money. And it pains me because this is one of the quick and easy ways to drive your business downhill. Yet, it can be addressed so easily.

So, why do I say web design is an easy way to ruin your business?

That’s because it’s something totally within your control, and you can fix it. But all the options for fixing a lousy website aren’t created equal. Here are the top 3, and why you should really be looking at #3.

1. DIY - Learn to do it yourself

Yes, you could learn how to do it yourself. There are many courses and programs available online that teach website design. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest way to go about fixing the problem of bad website design. It might not be something you’re interested in, which means less attention to detail. Plus, and more importantly, this option will eat into the time you need to spend in and on your business.

2. DIY - Try a low-cost alternative

You could also try doing it yourself with the “no-cost” or “low-cost” options using those "user-friendly" design platforms. Truth be told, they are not that user-friendly. These platforms still have a learning curve, some of which require massive investments of time, which you just don’t have when you’re running a small business.

Plus, they also require that you have an eye for design. Not all templates will work with your business type, your brand, and your target audience. And these are just a few of the elements that go into building a small business website that actually works for your business.

For example, Wix is often marketed as a do it yourself platform, especially by affiliates. But, what I’ve found in my 8 years as a professional Wix website designer is that small business owners will end up coming to me to fix the mess they’ve made. I’m just being real here.

They’ve spent countless hours and effort on building a website for their business. The result – well, let’s just say, the end results were less than desirable. So, they wasted hours, weeks, months on a website that does nothing to grow their business.

3. The Right Option – Invest in Good Website Design

Good web design is important for making your business profitable.

Therefore, the best option is finding and investing in a quality website designer. Not only will this ensure that you make the right first impression, but it’ll also lead to more sales or customers.

A well-designed site equals better conversion. A higher conversion rate means a more profitable business. All of this is possible from simply fixing the main marketing tool every business should have at their disposal.

So, how are you addressing the issues in your website design? If you want to do it the right way, then contact an experienced web designer today.

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